Omnichannel for Customer Service - Missing Productivity Pane

When recently working on Omnichannel to enhance our existing chat channel configuration, we noticed that the productivity pane disappeared when sessions are created.

No Omnichannel Productivity Pane

Nothing has changed since the previous testing and I was unsure what's causing this behavior. The first odd thing I noticed was that the session template on the workstream record associated is now associated to the default template instead of the custom template we previously configured.

We updated the workstream to use the right template and tested again after waiting for around 15 minutes. There is still no sight of the productivity pane.

After spending some time searching the internet, there was an article which seemed to show the productivity pane configuration in the Omnichannel Administration app under Agent Experience. Oddly this did not appear in my org.

No productivity pane under Agent Experience

At this point doing a quick search using advanced find showed the below records. The upgrade created a new configuration record.

productivity pane configurations

After opening the record, the pane is set to be disabled and collapsed.

Setting the Enable productivity pane to 'Yes' and setting the Default mode to 'Expanded' resolved the issue.

After waiting for a few minutes, the pane is now back.

Hopefully this saves you some time if you are seeing the same behavior in your environment.